Trailer Policies

Cancellation Policy

To reserve a trailer, a deposit is required. Upon cancellation, that deposit is only refundable if we are able to rent the trailer to someone else for the same day(s) you had it reserved. You may also use your deposit towards a rescheduled date at no penalty; however, a second deposit will be required to hold the rescheduled date (the first deposit will get applied to the rental price).

Rental Period

All of our rates are a daily rate, with our rental period being from 8am the first day to 8am the next day. You may pickup anytime between 8:00am and noon, but regardless of when the trailer is picked up it is due before 8am the following day.

Pickup & Drop-off

All trailer rentals are round trip only. This means the trailer will be picked up and dropped off at the same location. Trailers are reserved ONLY with a deposit, and we reserve the right to decline any reservation without a deposit. Please arrive to our rental location on time, and allocate plenty of time for the pickup process. You will need to sign a rental agreement, we will need to orient you with the trailer, and we will need to get you hooked up properly. All of this takes time, and if we are rushed because you arrived late or didn't plan for enough time, we may not be as thorough as we would like to be.

Your drop-off time should also be scheduled and arranged. IF YOUR DROP-OFF TIME CHANGES FOR ANY REASON, YOU MUST NOTIFY US AS SOON AS YOU CAN! You will not receive a refund for returning a trailer early, and we cannot guarantee you can keep the trailer longer than initially planned. We will be as accomodating as we can as long as we are informed of your plans and "kept in the loop." There are very steep fees and penalties for returning a trailer late without notifying us, and those fees and penalties can't always be waived even when we are notified. We schedule many reservations back-to-back, and we would hope you'd be courteous to people that may have a reservation after yours.

Under certain circumstances, we can arrange an after-hours drop-off. This also must be arranged prior to departure, and we will instruct you specifically on how that will happen, and how the trailer will be locked and secured. If you elect to do an after-hours drop-off, you are still responsible for any damage or theft that may happen to the trailer until Plan-it Rentals is able to check the trailer in.

Renter Requirements

All renters must be 21 or older. A valid driver's license and proof of vehicle insurance is required at pickup. You should have comprehensive insurance on the vehicle you will be towing with, and should notify your insurance company of your intent to tow our trailer. Plan-it Rentals also carries commercial insurance on all of our trailers, but that policy is always secondary (by law) to the renter's insurance. Any additional drivers will need to be present to sign the rental agreement. We reserve the right to declare any renter ineligible if any of these conditions are not met.

Vehicle Requirements

You are responsible to know the towing capacity of your vehicle. Towing a trailer should be taken very seriously, and overloading a vehicle is very dangerous. Trailer brakes are highly recommended, and you should plan ahead and know the weather and road conditions you will be driving on.

Towing is very hard on your vehicle's transmission. You should not expect to accelerate as normal, brake as normal, or maintain a high freeway speed. Up-shifting and down-shifting to maintain speed can be fatal to your vehicle's engine. Plan-it Rentals is not responsible for any damage to the tow vehicle, and we reserve the right to refuse a rental if we believe the tow vehicle is not fit for our trailer. We are not experts on every vehicle, and we should not be your source of information for your vehicle's capacity. That information is readily available online, and in your owner's manual.

Hitch & Hookup

You must make sure you have the proper hitch for the trailer you are renting. In most cases, we can rent you an appropriate hitch. You will need to reserve one of our hitches in advance, so we can make sure we have one available for you. All of our trailers take either a 2" ball, or a 2 5/16" ball. When you make your reservation, it is YOUR responsibility to know the hitch size and we will do our best to make sure you are informed of the proper size hitch. We can't send you with a trailer if you do not have the right size of hitch or ball.

The ball of your hitch should be 22-26" off the ground, but that distance varies a little with each trailer. If you are in that range, you should be able to tow any of our trailers properly. All of our trailers must be towed using a 2" receiver. However, not all 2" receivers are created equal. All hitch setups are classified according to towing capacity, and it is your responsibility to know and ensure your hitch capacity is sufficient for the trailer you are renting. Some of our trailers we require to be towed with an equalizer hitch. Under that circumstance, we will provide the equalizer hitch.

Lights & Electrical

All of our trailers use a round 7 RV blade configuration. You are responsible to make sure you have this connection available on your tow vehicle. You are also responsible for making sure the trailer lights work on your vehicle. We do not have time to troubleshoot or help you with your lights.


The trailer should be cleaned before it is returned. It is reasonable to expect that the trailer be returned in the same (or better) condition. In some cases, you may opt for us to clean the trailer for you for a fee. Even if you opt for that service, the trailer should not be returned excessively dirty. We ask that you take good care of our equipment so we can continue to provide trailers at an amazing price!

Damage & Collision

You are responsible for any and ALL damage caused to our trailers. Any damage should be reported to us IMMEDIATELY. If a collision or other vehicle accident has occured, the local authorities must also be contacted before leaving the scene. As stated, your vehicle insurance is the primary insurance for our trailer during your trip and proof of that insurance must be provided at pickup. You won't find a more reasonable company to work with, but if damage is hidden or not reported - we have a ZERO tolerance policy! Just let us know the situation and circumstance, and I promise we will be as fair as we can. We know things happen, and we love to work with people that are honest and up-front.

Helpful Suggestions

When you are towing a trailer, planning is everything. Plan your trip so that you are traveling to places you are familiar with and know where you are going. Turning around, parking, and navigating become quite difficult with a trailer in tow. Always leave yourself PLENTY of stopping room, and travel at a speed that is overly comfortable. Saving a few minutes off a trip is never worth pushing your vehicle and traveling at un-safe speeds. We highly recommend trailer brakes. They make a world of difference when towing, especially through the mountains! They are relatively inexpensive to get installed on your vehicle, and most of our trailers are equipped with brakes.

Schedule at least 15 minutes for your trailer check out. When you feel stressed and rushed to get on your way, you are careless with your paperwork and not as focused on the checkout procedure. It is your responsibility to ensure you are hooked up properly, and safe for travel. Don't let a time schedule get in the way of your safety. Don't travel alone! Another pair of eyes goes a long way.

Don't assume anything. If you aren't sure, ask! We are always happy to help you understand something, but we have little patience for people that ruin things when they are troubleshooting and don't know what they are doing. We do our best to be very responsive and pride ourselves in being available for people. So, please call us with any questions and give us a reasonable amount of time to get back with you if we don't answer right away.


Signature & Agreement

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